Quietest Sweeper in the industry

Common Area Solutions utilizes the quietest and most efficient sweepers in the industry.  Manufactured by Nite Hawk Sweepers, our equipment harnesses the untapped power and efficiency built into the truck’s primary engine.  Compared to the maintenance, emissions, and noise from auxiliary engines commonly found on sweepers, our trucks are quiet, burn less fuel, and sweep more effectively.  The truck’s primary engine benefits from billions of dollars research and development.  Compared to competitors two stroke air cooled engines or rudimentary industrial diesel engines, the clean, quite hydraulic motor that powers our sweeper prevails.  This technology allows us to provide the quality service that our clients deserve while preserving the environment for generations to come.

Low Emissions Handheld Equipment

Common Area Solutions makes use of the lowest emission small engine powered equipment available today.  Our blowers, trimmers, and edgers all use Stihl 4 Mix technology, which combines the clean burning efficiency of a four stroke engine with the power to weight ratio of a two stroke engine.

To further enhance the performance, longevity, and clean burning nature of our small engines, CAS utilizes Opti 2 two stroke oil.  ”Opti-2′s smoke reduction, and gasohol compatibility contribute to cleaner air, while up to 60% less oil is required, which helps conserve a precious non-renewable resource.”

The big deal here is that we use less than half the oil in our two stroke mix…less oil burned.